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What is the normal study load?

Full-time students: the minimum study load is 9 credits per regular semester (i.e., Fall term and Spring term). You may take a lesser load if the remaining credits required for graduation is less than 9 in your last semester of study. We recommend a normal workload of 12 credits per regular semester.

Part-time students: the maximum study load is 9 credits in each term per regular semester (updated Oct 2020).

A student's program registration will be revoked without formal class enrollment in a regular semester. You need to apply for Leave from Study if you are not enrolling in any courses.

What is the academic standing to maintain?

Students must complete the program with a graduation grade average (GGA) of 2.850 or above (out of a scale of 4.3) as required of all postgraduate students at the University.

Students whose CGA falls below 2.850 in a semester will be issued a warning letter, and those who fail to maintain good academic standing in two consecutive semesters may be required to take academic leave and potentially have their study suspended.

Find out more about converting the letter grade received to grade points and the formulas for calculating grade averages.

Course Add/Drop and Course Withdrawal

Students may make changes to their course registration during the add/drop period scheduled at the beginning of each term.

To apply for course enrollment after the add/drop period or withdrawal after the Extended-Drop period, students are required to submit an “Application for Class Enrollment/Withdrawal after Add/Drop Period” (form RR-22) for approval. 

If approval is granted for course withdrawal, the Withdrawal without Penalty Grade “W”, which is not included in the calculation of the grade average, will be recorded on the student’s transcript as the course grade. There is no refund of the tuition fees paid for the withdrawn courses.

What if I need to repeat a required course?

A course scored with a grade lower than C will not be credited as a program graduation requirement.

Only two postgraduate courses can be retaken, and each may be repeated only once. The new grade obtained at the second attempt will replace the previous grade in the calculation of the grade averages, but both grades will be reflected in the transcript.

How to change the mode of study (full-time/part-time)?

Students are allowed to transfer between full-time mode and part-time mode at most once for the duration of the study. Submit the "Program Transfer and Mode of Study (PG)" request at least 10 days before a semester commences.

What is the normative period of study? Any time restriction?

Normative Program Duration: 1.5 years for full-time students/ 2.5 years for part-time

The maximum time allowed for degree completion is 5 years for both full-time and part-time students. The period of approved leave from study and suspension period are counted toward the maximum time allowed for degree completion.

When is the conferment scheduled to take place?

Starting from 2022/23 academic year, degrees will be conferred in absentia at scheduled sessions below:

(1) 31 January
(2) 31 March
(3) 31 May
(4) 31 July
(5) 15 October

Students will automatically have their degrees conferred at the immediate next session of the degree conferral that follows the Committee on Postgraduate Studies (CPS) meeting in which their graduation is confirmed (e.g. students who receive CPS approval to graduate in January will have their degrees conferred on 31st January).

When is the congregation ceremony?

The Congregation ceremony will only be held once each year, normally in November/December. 

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